January 20, 2018

Honey & Bluebird Boxes

Wolgast Tree Farm has gifts for bird lovers and award-winning sweet, local honey from our bees!

Honey & Beeswax

Our honey and beeswax is produced by our honeybees in our apiary, with the exception of our Blueberry Blossom honey which is produced by a beekeeper friend of ours here in New Jersey.

Some beekeepers heat their honey so it can pass more easily through filters. That’s okay, and honey is the best natural sweetener on the planet no matter what, but we feel that less is more when it comes to preserving honey’s fresh-from-the-comb deliciousness.  Our honey frames are uncapped with a cold knife and the honey is lightly strained to leave as much pollen and other natural goodness behind as possible.  Our honey is sold in 12 oz., 1 lb., and 3 lbs. containers. We have a limited amount of both chunk honey (honey comb in liquid honey) and comb honey.  Presently we have spring wildflower (light and floral) and fall wildflower (a bit more robust and fruity), and a buckwheat wildflower honey (dark and molasses-like in color and flavor.  An assertive honey with lots of antioxidants!).

We offer beeswax candles, lip balm, lotion bars, 1 0z beeswax pieces,  and an assortment of handcrafted soaps.

Advance orders on ALL ITEMS are welcome!

Bluebird Boxes – $15

Our Bluebird nest boxes are handmade using wood from Jersey-grown Douglas firs.

Cathy with a Honey Bee Frame