January 20, 2018

Snapping Turtle Fun at Wolgast Tree Farm

It’sthat time of year at Wolgast Tree Farm when snapping turtles are out and about looking for a special spot to their lay eggs.

We’ve documented four different species of turtles living at Wolgast Tree Farm, and of those four, snapping turtles are by far the largest.  We’ve measured snapping turtle shells that were over a foot long.  (Note: do NOT attempt to handle a snapping turtle unless you have been trained by a professional how to do so.  Snapping turtles are very defensive, especially when they are on land, and are capable of giving you a painful bite if you handle them improperly!). 

Most of the time snapping turtles spend their time in water except for now when they are searching for a place to dig a hole in which to lay their eggs. Last summer, though, during the drought we saw them eating apples that had fallen from our apples trees, which was a first.

Nature always gives us a surprize!